Ledbetter, Kentucky

Ledbetter, Kentucky

OH River Mile 930

National Maintenance & Repair of Kentucky-Ledbetter provides full-service harbor and fleeting.

Four tug boats ranging from 850 to 1200 HP and seven fleeting areas along the Ohio and Tennessee rivers give NMR of Kentucky the ability to meet the towing and fleeting needs of all marine customers.


Ledbetter, Ky Harbor and Gas free Services

  • Complete Towing Services
  • Crew Change and Supply Services
  • Fleeting
  • Harbor Shifting
  • Lock Assistance
  • Dry Cargo Barge Cleaning
  • Cover Stacking
  • Waste Oil & Trash Removal
  • Inspection Service for USCG
  • Hot Wash Services, Steam Services for Tank Barges
  • Tank Barge Stripping Service, Strip and Wash for Change of Cargo Service
  • Grocery Service

McNational, Inc. continues to expand their service capabilities and locations to serve broader markets. Today, the company has an extensive fleet of harbor boats and shipyards on the Ohio, Tennessee, and Mississippi rivers.